Replica Gucci GG Marmont Small Chevron Quilted Top-Handle Bag

The Sylvie replica handbag was launched in the Gucci 2016 spring and summer show. It was the debut of Alessandro Michele, the brand’s design director. Sylvie handbags feature Replica Gucci Handbags signature striped webbing and a signature lock with a decorative chain. The shoulder strap is a grosgrain texture, and continues the brand’s iconic striped webbing design. Its color matching and the color of the wool ribbon on the back of the bag are exactly echoes. The whole bag is of a retro and artistic style, and the size is also very practical.

Most of the design inspiration from the GUCCI equestrian culture, derived from the fixed horse saddle on the back of the horse’s abdomen to create a classic green red and green ribbon logo. Since Alessandro Michele took over as creative director, Replica Gucci Bags has been launching popular designs every season, as well as a variety of popular products; however, the most important replica bags tote is no more than the Dionysus Bacchus described above and the webbing used by the stars. Sylvie Bag.

Replica Gucci Handbags

Replica Gucci Bags GG Marmont Small Chevron Quilted Top-Handle Bag with Chain Strap Red The reason that attracted us is precisely because Gucci 2018 early spring men’s collection a show, male models carrying a black bag in the hands, the entire bag with leather Made, specially made buckles are very convenient for use in opening. However, entering Sylvie on Gucci’s official website to search for, in addition to all kinds of Sylvie replica bags totes, there are a number of other products with “Sylvie Web”, from clothing, shoes, glasses to direct white, red and blue colors. Scarf, so in the end what is the meaning of this word, thoroughly hooked us.

In fact, the Sylvie Bag was first introduced in the 2016 spring and summer catwalk. It was full of structural square shapes, lined with the brand’s classic saddle-stripes, and the top signature metal chain was made with special rotating buckles. Choosing a soft webbing, which combines the strength of a woman and the elegance of a girl, is also one of GUCCI’s new designs after the creative director Alessandro Michele took office, demonstrating innovation and creativity for the brand’s most famous ribbon pattern.

Replica Gucci Handbags

Sylvie is actually a 2016 replica bags tote. And now there are various colors such as blue black and embroidery models, size also has medium and mini options. My favorite is the one I bought myself, medium, classic white, with two straps, a belt, a ribbon.

I usually use the same as the official website, using a leather belt, ribbon bows feel more special. The mini size is really too small to be practical, and the medium size can basically be stuffed into long wallets, cell phones, paper towels and some bits and pieces. White is very easy to use, and any style can adapt. There are a lot of bloggers and celebrities on the Internet.

Replica Gucci Handbags

The disadvantage is that white is easily dirty. But always be careful. I think from the current price of luxury goods, gucci’s bag is affordable in all brands, style is strong and fashionable, ideal for women who want to start a luxury brand bag.

The biggest number. 42 cm, both men and women apply. I remembered for a long time, halfway through the moynat intercepted a few months, and later very disappointed with the moynat, finally replanting this grass, and started. Very domineering and also very beautiful!

Replica Gucci Handbags

Beautifully replica bags toted and sent to the album. Fine leather, easy to scratch; hardware easy to wear; light body is very light, very light; fine workmanship, summed up is an embroidered pillow pack! Limited size, the number of the country is very small. The bottom width is 42Cm, which is super large, but the photo can’t be seen. It feels like a woman with a height of 175 can hold it. For girls, this size is similar to a travel bag. Then gucci this season catwalk guys have this trick, this feels pretty good-looking, so I also Pidianpidian went to the store to see, in fact, really amazing pressure!