Replica Celine TRIOMPHE Calfskin-trimmed Handbag

The love for Replica Celine Handbags is an intuitive obsession. The replacement of the design creative director has made this obsession even more obsession. Not to mention the design of the newly launched designer, after all, it is not easy to take over when the word-of-mouth is at its peak. Let’s cherish this most classic celine box during Phoebe Philo’s helm.

Pay attention to the details of the feeling. After the Replica Celine Bags is opened, the flap is made of lambskin, and even the lining of the zipper bag. No wonder many Box fans say that when you put your hand into the Box, it is not to take things, but to enjoy.

There are a lot of star street photos of celineBox. It is expected that the stars will look good on their backs. A good bag is not good for celebrities, but for ordinary people. Not good enough? Not strong in shape?

Box can really make up a lot for you. The unique retro beauty of Replica Celine Handbags has a magic power that makes people want to have it at a glance! The box is square as a whole, with a very natural and non-stereotypical small arc on both sides! The first layer of cowhide has a faint toothpick-like pattern. The inside is all lambskin, and the front lock is pressed and closed like a hanger! The hidden brand logo can be seen after opening!

The leather of the celineBox is hand-rubbed toothpick-patterned cowhide. The interior is made of very delicate and smooth lambskin, and the edges are hand-stitched and painted. The leather texture and detailed craftsmanship in the detailed picture may only be seen here except for the counter.

The hardware is slightly old and non-mirror, and it is by no means excessively oxidized. Only the craftsmanship on the cabinet can create such a just right feeling. This Replica Celine Handbag Box gave me a lot of insight and also taught me a lot. Everyone knows the leather of Box, many people call it toothpick pattern, but do you know how the toothpick pattern comes from?

The genuine Italian celine original hardware will have dense wear marks in the middle layer through the thin electroplating glaze under the light. With the oxidation of time, the gold color will become more and more obvious, and the sand marks will become clearer and more natural. Note that it is not The wear marks produced during use are natural sand wash marks.

The beauty of Replica Celine Handbag Box is the beauty of atmospheric simplicity~ It is positioned as an “eternal bag” that will not lose its charm with the passage of time. Box has been around for 7 years miraculously, and it’s getting more and more domineering.

Replica Celine BELT PICO Handbags

Finally, let’s take a look at Replica Celine Handbags, which has received the most attention in this fashion week! Before the start of the big show, it was the brand new Celine “C” BAG that was ridiculed by netizens as “fake Chanel made by Zara” that caused thousands of waves on the Internet.

This bag has also become the absolute protagonist in the bag decoration on the big show that ended soon! The checkered C BAG body square design is a replica of the Celine classic bag in the 1980s, the letter C metal buckle is inspired by the Replica Celine Bags Closure in the 1970s, and the chain design is derived from the iron chain design of the Arc de Triomphe.

Replica Celine Handbags

In addition to the first announced checkered models, smooth leather and serpentine leather were also found on the show, and a C BAG with tassel was also found. This new bag will be released in November this year. For such a “NEW BOX” ”, I don’t know if it will refresh the screen? !

It was announced earlier than C BAG, and it also caused great dissatisfaction among phoebe fans. There is also this “16” BAG. The name 16 is derived from the address of Replica Celine Handbags Paris Haute Couture workshop.

Replica Celine Handbags

In this big show, there are also 16 handbags in rare leather, which can be carried on the shoulder and carried, and are very functional in terms of functionality.

As a friend of designer Slimane, Lady Gaga is the first celebrity to post this bag. In fact, it can be seen that the leather of this bag is very good, and the upper body effect is more than retro yet modern. It’s just that it is too different from the style of “old Replica Celine Bags“, and the voices of complaining are one after another!

Replica Celine Handbags

Blason’s retro bag with the brand’s classic badge is a bit eye-catching. Replica Celine Handbag Blason resembles Chanel’s “Double C”, which consists of two slender and symmetrical letters C. Blason was born in the 1970s and originated from a car breakdown accident of the founder of the brand, Ms. Céline Vipiana.

Replica Celine Handbags

At that time, her car ran out of gas when she was driving to the Arc de Triomphe. While waiting for rescue, she carefully observed the chains around Place de Gaulle, and found that the shape and the brand spirit of Replica Celine Handbag were very consistent. Then she asked the government for this The right to use the badge. Slimane restarts the classic design like this. I wonder if this bag will become the next explosion of Celine?

Replica Celine Luggage Mini Suede Leather Boston Bag

Inspired by a bag Celine Luggage, Celine Luggage series is the first series of core components for the Céline Phoebe Philo design. A front perspective of “wavy” structure and can also be stowed outreach wings, so this bag unique. Replica Celine Luggage bags There are three sizes: mini, micro, nano three models, namely mini number, medium, large number. among them:
Mini (width length height): 30 x 30 x 17 cm
Micro (length width height): 26 x 26 x 14 cm
Nano (length width height): 20 x 20 x 10 cm

Replica Celine Luggage Min Handbags

Boston bag, was also said to be called box-shaped bag, refer to the package at the end rectangular, with a hard fabrics made package, this package is not easily deformed. Now 80% of the big Boston have adopted cowhide, leather smooth fine II, stiff and durable leather.

Replica Celine Luggage Min Handbags

It said that it was before Boston College Students liked with a bag, hence the name. Boston bag– Boston bag have an important feature, whether the bag is full of things or empty, half full, the bag shape are still strong, giving a solid, stable feel. Due to the large capacity, and easy to carry, often developed into a bag Boston bag.

Replica Celine Luggage Min Handbags

Indeed on some sites will Celine Luggage called Boston, probably because both are evolved from the bag, but in fact Celine Luggage belonging to a classic series, but Boston bag has a lot of brands in a broad sense , such as LV, COACH etc.

Replica Celine Luggage Min Handbags

I do not know whether you know this French brand, like it or not this smiley package, recognize how many stars come out, since 2011, Replica Celine Mini Luggage Handbags & Celine Nano is definitely popular throughout Europe and America, is the fashion Daren essential IT BAG! This is a money can not buy the package. Unlike LV, GUCCI, BURBERRY went in buy. CELINE Mini Luggage is very limited, only one season to launch 3-5 colors, a serious shortage of the world, because the waiting list longer. Number CELINE counters from Paris to London a week can not get more than 30.

Replica Celine Luggage Min Handbags

So basically, even 1-2 months and finally turn to you, your favorite color had gone. CELINE is usually only once to a color, even if the salesperson did not know that they will receive the kind of color cortex. So many people are in thanks to replica handbags Celine, she let a lot of people’s dreams are realized, the focus is almost exactly the same material, what is the difference with the real thing. And the time required is very short, in our website have to show, quite cheap, fast shipping, global shipping.