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The design of the bag is very hard to extinguish from the bucket of the horse, so the shape is basically the shape of the bucket L. Although it sounds more fire-extinguishing, but really the replica bag tote, super! it is good! use! The size is just right, it is very convenient to take things, you can squat and it will not get in the way.

I also took it out and traveled. The handle part is double-sided leather. It doesn’t feel bad on the handle. It can be awkward and convenient. There is a strip in the middle, which can close the bag and have a small hole at the end. Hanging a lock (attached) I usually pull the bag like this, the lock is hung on it, M can take things from both sides, it doesn’t matter, and the bag mouth will not be big, relatively safe. The interior of the bag is very large, the wallet is the key, I even stuffed the mineral water (vial), it is really better than you think!

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Replica Hermes Handbags Picotin Lock Gold Buckle Black Leather Lychee Tote has a single-sided leather on the side, a double-sided leather on the bottom, and a logo on the bottom. The original meaning of Picotin Lock is the lock replica bag tote. It is said that the design inspiration comes from the barrel feeding the horse, and the simple and generous barrel design is very three-dimensional. Because it looks like a Chinese basket in the 1980s, it is also known as a vegetable basket. Fortunately, the name does not affect it to lead the fashion trend, or there are many people who like it. However, Replica Hermes Bags can sell tens of thousands of small baskets, and the hand is not so easy to be embarrassed, so today we have to teach everyone to make a basket of vegetables.

First of all, of course, the leather and hardware are ready to be used. There are 12 pieces of leather goods, and some of the leather parts are shown. In addition, all metal parts such as locks, square buckles and spikes are stainless steel. Then there is the edge treatment of the leather, the edge of each leather is made of oil, and the oil is applied several times to smooth the edges.

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The handlebar leather is marked with a mercury pen according to the positioning grid, and then the edger is adjusted to the corresponding margin to draw an edge on the leather surface. Because it is a softer leather. The drawn edges will be lighter. So I have to remember that I haven’t recovered yet.

The other clam skin passes through the square buckle and is aligned and pasted. Do the same after drawing the sideline. Do not sew the thread at this time. The pierced clams will be torn open and will be attached to the body of the bag. Apply glue evenly to the body of the bag that you want to fit. First, paste one side of the clam skin and the surface of the bag, and snoring, the same as when the hand strap is attached to the body. The other side is stitched with the inside of the bag. In the same way, paste the other clams and the body. The connecting stitches are completed on both sides of the bag body. A successful vegetable basket is close at hand.

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The bottom skin is treated, and the PE rubber sheet and the bottom skin are centered. Install the foot mounting pins on the bottom of the bottom. The PE rubber sheet is then covered with a layer of bottom. The side of the Replica Hermes Handbag is made of the side of the drum. The transparent drum core is threaded into the opposite side of the drum. Finish the production of the bottom skin and the side drum skin paste, apply glue on the edge of the piece, then paste, note that the glue can not be widened, and the docking process at the interface, and then paste the bottom skin and the body.

Paste is completed as shown. The inside bottom of the bag is painted with edges and snoring. If you like it, don’t let it go. Brain supplement can make up the brain. Then stitch the inner seam. After the stitching is completed, the bottom circumference is edge treated. That is the oil side. First trim the edges with scissors.

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It is then sanded to a relatively flat extent. Oil, sanding, oiling, sanding…. Repeat these processes until the edges are smooth to the satisfaction level. Then turn the bag over and the bag is almost finished. The victory is after the beard is hand-keyed and the glue is evenly glued. Dispose of the oil on both sides and then quilt the seam. Then handle the key lanyard. First, follow the pattern and then open the knife at both ends. Then the middle part is snoring.

For example, leather, we use Replica Hermes Bags original Clemence leather, elastic, very meaty, the finished product can stand upright. And a Celebrity calf leather of twenty feet can only make two baskets. And all stainless steel hardware is also hard to find. In addition, the edge of the leather basket for making the basket needs to be thinned. I believe that many skin friends should have a history of tears and tears.

Replica Hermes Birkin 30cm Peach Blossom Ostrich Veins Leather Bag

Ostrich ostrich skin, one of the most common special cortex, all of these are the most light leather, very durable, and there is no problem with water. After years of use will become more soft, but still able to maintain the shape.

The best of the ostrich cortex is the large ostrich in South Africa, Replica Hermes Handbags Birkin 30cm Peach Blossom Ostrich Veins Leather Bag (Golden) particles full, soft leather, toughness stronger than the Italian leather 5 times and resistant to rubbing crack. The value of space after the nylon crocodile, ostrich skin is one of the world’s top quality leather, soft, light, large pull, breathable, wear-resistant, ostrich skin pores formed a natural pattern, with a special natural Feather hole dot pattern, with good breathability, it may be the world’s most comfortable leather.

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As the cortex contains a natural fat, in the cold climate is not hard, no crack, soft than the crocodile skin, the pull is 3-5 times the leather. Not easy to aging, durable, can curl. Can be processed into shoes, belts, purses, etc., ostrich leather products have always been considered a taste, rich and status symbol. Value after the Amazon crocodile skin.

Speaking of Replica Hermes Bags ostrich, had to say that its custom cycle than togo skin twice as long as her growth cycle is 24 to 30 months to reach maturity, but also for the important protection of animals, Replica Hermes Handbags did not choose the skin is fine The perfect ostrich birkin from the selection to the completion of the final shelves need to spend 2.5 hours of time, and expensive, so have to admit that this is only suitable for rich man or women can have the replica bag.

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Hermes platinum replica bag tote is not only a symbol of luxury and identity, it is a luxury culture heritage. Hermes platinum replica bag tote is precisely a woman’s dream, but when you really want to buy Replica Hermes Bags platinum replica bag tote, what leather togo, crocodile, ostrich and so you dazzled, do not know how to shoot The. So today we talk from the ostrich skin to see how to choose the ostrich skin Hermes platinum so we must start from the ostrich skin, we first look at the ostrich skin.

Ostrich skin is the world’s precious leather, comfortable, soft, light, large pull, breathable, wear-resistant, ostrich skin because of its pores to form a natural granule pattern, with a unique natural feather hole dot pattern Very good breathable, the world’s most comfortable leather. As the cortex contains a natural grease, can be very low temperature in the weather environment will not harden, will not crack, soft than the crocodile skin, ostrich skin pull is 3-5 times the leather. Not easy to aging, very durable, can be curled.

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Can be processed into shoes, belts, purses, etc., ostrich leather products has always been a taste, rich and status symbol. The product has a long service life, and with the use of time, the product surface is more bright, the price is very expensive, comfort and softness is superior to crocodile leather high-grade leather. Is the only price lower than the crocodile skin leather. Called leather in the gold. Crocodile skin called leather in the platinum.

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Ostrich skin bag there is the biggest advantage, that is, unlike crocodile skin and lizard skin, like the need for CITES card. No matter where you can safely carry.