Replica Burberry Bridle Small Soft Satchel Bag, Light Orange

As a representative of the British luxury brand, Burberry’s unique British plaid and horse badge design is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Previously, everyone was more impressed with Burberry’s windbreaker and scarf, and in terms of replica bag tote , Replica Burberry Bags gradually developed a series of fashionable and sought after series. This BURBERRY Birdle leather shoulder bag is crafted in Deerksin leather with a wide shoulder strap and a large flap closure. The overall style is vintage and stylish.

Burberry’s latest bag, Replica Burberry Handbags Bridle Small Soft Satchel Bag, Light Orange! It is the small fresh meat Wu Yifan who sees the back of the show, there are also female models, simple and retro body with the most popular wide shoulder strap, I believe that the wide shoulder strap this element will continue to fire.

Replica Burberry Handbags

Burberry’s latest bag uses a beautiful and powerful Ma Lepi, what is Ma Lepi? It was originally used in the harness to make the leather of the horse’s reins. Because it should not wear the horse’s skin as much as possible, and it must be durable, the horse skin is not only silky, but also extremely flexible and super high. Carrying capacity.

So no longer have to worry about the bag scratching ~ there is a stylish retro brown. The versatile black is paired with classic stripes and can be worn with any look. Hurry and carry the latest bag, pull the wind for the holidays.

Replica Burberry Handbags

The Replica Burberry Handbags men and women echoed the brand new logo The Bridle bag. Burberry pioneered the fashion world, and in September the first men’s and women’s collection was released at the London Fashion Week. The brand is proud to introduce the new Bridal bag, the new logo bag series.

Inspired by the classic British equestrian and Replica Burberry Bags classic outdoor gear, this season’s main accessories are inspired by the British history and artistic culture.

Replica Burberry Handbags

The round body is matched with a colorful solid color, and the elastic material is selected. It is made of British traditional horse-made material. A shoulder strap with a “branched” style can be used for shoulders or cross-backs for easy everyday style. The Bridle collection is made in an exquisite craftsmanship workshop in Italy.

The bag is inspired by traditional equestrian design with outstanding detail and perfect silhouette. From the “strap” style buckle on the shoulder strap to the grooved border on the pocket cover and the smooth edges, it perfectly echoes the superb details of traditional British equestrian equipment.

Replica Burberry Handbags

A selection of high-quality Mahler leather, a smooth curved bag with equestrian-style shoulder straps, metal buckles and studs embellished to create a stylish classic. Whatever you carry it as the shoulder bag or the handbag, it can be fix for any place and you can match outstanding for the clothes.