Replica Dior Middle Lady Cannage Gold D Lambskin Tote Bag

Replica Dior handbag unique, called the Dior couture show spirit eternal art. This carefully crafted by hand pink beige bag decorated with Dior brand classic rattan Plaid “Cannage” stitching. Portable, hand-rolled with three or arms destroyed, showing unparalleled elegance.

Since the birth of Dior, he created numerous designs to let the world pleasantly surprised admiration, of which there are several items called Dior¬†history classic, Lady ¬†Replica Dior bag in one of the most famous series. In 1995, it is because, unlike Diana’s friend Xiangxi and renowned international. Americans now have to go, Lady Dior with its superb craftsmanship and elegant appearance, continue to pass the “Princess” mysterious qualities and noble dream.

Replica Dior Handbags

Diana bags design is simple and elegant, simple square bags type, Replica Dior Middle Lady Cannage Gold D Lambskin Tote Bag Black with no frills, just put in the bag hanging D.I.O.R four letters metal impounded. This is the Dior brought us high-grade custom spirit, showing classic luxury in a simple. Lady Dior has many fans in the fashion circle, which is no shortage of star ladies figure. Say easy to get beautiful, elegant and hard to find, for the most women can bring elegance Lady Dior, as a star, how can let go.

Replica Dior Handbags

Black leather bag day money both practical and aesthetic, but also the Lady Dior original style. Today, Lady Dior exudes from the soft bag made of soft suede, printed with a unique “rattan Plaid” geometric pattern appearance, semicircular leather handle, silver “Dior” Logo and metal parts and metal strap Protective effects of metal base are its characteristics, but also lined handbags “rattan Plaid” pattern jacquard, handbags top also has a protection key.

Replica Dior Handbags

This essence of Dior Lady Dior bag full of advanced technology. Bright red quilted lambskin patent leather handbag, red as the main color of the entire design, decorated with classic rattan pattern “Cannage” stitching. More female elegance.
Maintenance of knowledge:
1, in order to maintain the original shape of the leather, do not overload, loading too many items and avoid heavy administration pressure.

Replica Dior Handbags
2. Avoid exposure to sunlight or leather excessive moisture, and avoid direct contact with perfume or cosmetics.
3, when the product is wet, please natural dyeing, strong absorption, smooth cloth and gently wipe.
4, when not in use, placed in leather dust bag. If you wish to better protect the leather, the pad can be set in tissue paper inside and chain belt housed in the bag, in order to maintain the original texture of leather.
5, metal chain and buckle needs to be a clean, soft cloth to maintain its brightness.